Why Boxing Needs To Use Sensory Technology

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Striketec” sensors represent the newest wave of technology to hit the boxing industry. They track every movement a boxer’s hands make and indicate the speed and force of punches thrown. Not only can you track progress to get the best results, you can share workouts and progress via email, Facebook, Twitter etc. This technology is primarily used as a fitness tool however if it was implemented during TV boxing matches it has the potential to bring a whole new interactive viewing experience to the sport.

Another company that is using sensory technology in their products is “Welltec”. They’ve created gloves and shorts that measure a boxer’s performance as well as the detail of their punches including angle, velocity and impact. The data is processed in milliseconds. Two accelerometers and a magnetometer are installed in the gloves that can produce broadcasting data at a rate of 800hz per second. That’s enough to provide hundreds of thousands of data points per fight. The company is also working on real-time on-screen visuals which would give viewers an in-depth look at what’s going on during a fight.

Although boxing is still as exciting and competitive as ever, these are exactly the kinds of technology that need to be implemented in boxing (which fundamentally hasn’t changed much since the sport was first developed) to ensure it stays relevant, engaging and appeals to a younger audience, which is what the sport often lacks.

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